Inspirational Lectures – Mentoring Program

There are many mentoring programs on the market today. It is good – non-commerical mentors support new entrepreneurs, new managers, youth, etc. RHM offers inspirational lectures for both mentors and mentees in order to increase the quality. Even if you are a talented manager or specialist it is not the same thing as being a good mentor. The approach is different. We share with us what a mentor should think about and what the mentee requires. RHM has shared their experience in many mentor programmes such as Chamber of Commerce, ALMI, SKTF etc.

“If you have thoughts about mentor program I strongly recommend RHM. Rolf gives, both the mentors and the mentee, his professional views of the real meaning of such commitment and programs.”
Maria Wilhelms, coordinator, SKTF

Inspirational Lectures – Self Leadership and Personal Development at a young age.

Every human being has a unique talent. A number of talents that end up in an intersection, which may emerge and become clear. However it is not always easy to discover the uniqueness of oneself. We give lectures in secondary schools about how to lead themselves. How to find their talent and how to develop them into a number of strengths.

“He made me very motivated and inspired me to do something big with the help of my dreams!”

“Good content and a highly experienced and qualified lecturer!”

Students at Sundsgymnasiet, Vellinge, Sweden.