Products & Services

RHM offers three products:

Executive Mentoring (EM)

Executive Mentoring is aimed for entrepreneurs and executives. That is, business leaders, CEO:s and members of senior management.
In this forum you can discuss everything – from the private to the professional, from relation to expansion. Our mentors are experienced and have been in similar high-level positions and understand the situation and are also trained and have this as their profession.

Management Coaching (MC)

Middle management is perhaps one of the more difficult tasks in an organization. Report to senior management and communicating to employees. Here you are free to highlight what work-related questions you want and also bring up private challenges. We know how important the relationship between work and family is. If you are happy with your private daily life it increases the opportunity to perform better. And vice versa. We offer in-house coaching to improve efficiency.

“Rolf takes his work as a mentor utterly seriously and has done an excellent job in a major leadership program. I can strongly recommend him as a mentor and a professional leadership trainer.”
Rickard Hagtorn, Owner Strategisk Utveckling AB

“Before I met Rolf, I felt I had a good self-awareness. I knew where I was and where I wanted to go. But the thought that there was so much more to explore about myself, made me curious. Rolf helped to me to visualize. Rolf asked very simple but pertinent questions and with varied assignments we met in pleasant and relaxed forms. I was already going through a process where I was about to leave my old job, but thanks to Rolf “I took hold of the wheel and steered myself.”
Jonas Wennerbeck, production manager, Euro Diagnostics

Team Coaching (TC)

There is a reason that teams exist. Solo is not strong. We as individuals do not have all the skills, talents or opportunities to pursue the project or company. Therefore, we create teams.
We look at how the team can be a dream team and watch how the positivity affects a great productivity. Our method is based on international research on teams function and performances. And we can show how we will increase efficiency by 20-25%.